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Spinfile stray blank characters in login field

For the first time I'm using spintax in the "Login" field, rather than "randomize". The reason is that I want it all to look British. I have special first and last name lists, a shortened address.dat, and I double and triple checked the files.

There are two strange things that I just cannot understand:

1. The last name in "Login" is different from the last name in all other fields (as if I had used spinfile2, but I haven't.
2. Ever now and then stray blank characters appear before the last name. 

Here are my settings:
and here are two tests, as you can see the blank appears with some last names, not with others


  • SvenSven
    make sure your file is not having that space in it.
  • I did. I checked on the hex level. 
    Could there be a problem with CR LF () as line separator? With UTF-8 vs. ASCII or anything like that?
  • SvenSven
    unlikely really. However, feel free to provide the projectbackup + spin file and I debug it here.
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