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how much can you save by buying the GSA CB?

I'm still new to the GSA game, but I identified two major problems:

1. Captcha costs are piling up big time. I use 2captcha and textcaptchasolver (mandatory, I think, for forums).
2. Proxies

While proxies I can scrape for free and get so/so results and I also have private proxies, the captchas are still a problem.
I am thinking of buying CB but I wonder how much do you guys save with CB and a second captca solving service, instead of using only services like 2captcha, deathbycaptcha etc.


  • SvenSven
    Even though Im no fan of this forum submission, it's your cup of tea.
    CB should pay for itself very quickly and solving time is cut down to a minimum then as well.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Actually, Sven's program even keeps track of how much you save, once you set it to the right cost of a comparable service!

    Yes::this does pay for itself!!!!!!

    And--GSA updates it regularly. Umm...OFTEN. :)
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