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filter target urls and blogspot comments question


I am still learning GSA SER and I have two questions, not really related to each other.

1. Does the blogspot comments section work? I could not make any comments on blogger with GSA.

2. I want to filter out posting on target urls by url/domain. Example:

- On one project, GSA scrapes and submits site to some blogs, guestbooks and img comments.
- On another project, with different sites lists, different scraping keywords, GSA scrapes and submits site to more blogs, guestbooks and img comments, BUT sometimes and are found on the same blog, guestbook or img comment.

How can I make a rule in GSA Ser and tell it not to post on sites if domain is already found?

I know I can add more links per project, but let's say each project has one link.


  • SvenSven
    1. Unlikely working nowadays Im afraid due to recaptcha v2 used there and open commenting is disabled by default

    2. Impossible as each project works on it's own and does not share data with eachother.
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