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Verifications when projects are paused

edited March 2013 in Need Help
It is possible to disable or slow down this feature ?


  • Why does this matter? If SER is paused, it might as well be doing something if it can.
  • I use SER at home, for some reason my router crash when all projects start verifications in same time. I use 70 threads, 12 projects, my lpm is between 50-70, i have no problems for submitting. I have same problem with scrapebox addon "alive check" who verify a lot of urls very quickly.

    I don't know if it's something like a ddos protection or the router just can't handle this amount of urls and crash.

    And also this use a lot of my bandwidth, i use mainly AA targets with low quality content so i'm not waiting for a manual review, actually SER verify again and again same urls with 99% failed until my router crash.
  • ronron
    It has to be something in your setup. When verification happens I flip my threads from 250 to 600. You probably don't have enough proxies. And they can't be public, as we all know public proxies suck.
  • I use 30 semi dedicated proxies from buyproxies. Actually i just stop SER manualy when all my projects submissions for the day are done.
  • ronron
    Probably RAM or CPU. I have 30 semi private from buy proxies, and I am getting way more horsepower.
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