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GSA AA List, Remaining Targets URLS Constantly Going Up?

I usually upload ~200k-300k Target URLs for it to try to post to as a means to increase my AA list since I'm constantly scrapping with scrapebox but after a couple days I check the "Remaining Target URLs" and for example it says 8k, next day I check and it says 3k, then next day 5k, then 7k, then back to down 3k, then again 6k etc...

It's always changing, what does this mean???

Also getting A LOT (90%+) of "No Engines Match" even though I scrape with built-in GSA Footprints...

I'm using 100 threads for 24 proxies.


  • SvenSven
    make sure your project is not using any other sources to get targets (uncheck search engines + boxes below that one).
  • @Sven
    Thanks! That was the issue and I'll leave it on I guess since it's a few hundred a day extra considering I go through these lists faster than I can scrape them honestly.

    One more question, why do I get so damn many "No engine matches" errors? I'm scraping with built-in GSA footprints. 100 Threads, 24 proxies, 5 mb download size, 180 html timeout
  • SvenSven
    Well I guess it's your scraper then. When you search for certain footprints, it's not always the right thing that is returned by search engines. Sometimes they remove your quotes if there are not enough targets and give back crap.

    Nothing you can do about it but optimize the footprints.
  • right click on project > modify project > reset data > uncheck articles , emails, verified

    > import new lists> start
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