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BotDetectCaptcha: captcha Image is not loading

We are using licensed jars of Bot Detect Captcha and using in our application but Captcha image is not loading. We are sharing all details, not sure which is relevent.

getting Arithmetic exception / by zero: attaching the logs

Project details: java based Struts2 application and using Jboss Server.

In our JSP, using simplecaptcha tag <botDetect:simpleCaptcha id="exampleCaptchaTag" /> which is creating required tags for bot detect captch. it is showing refresh and Audio icon but not displaying the Image tag.

Application UI:

When simplecaptcha tag creates input fields in the element, it is setting "BDC_BackWorkaround_exampleCaptcha" value as 0. Not sure what does this value do.

Can please anyone give pointers on that.

Thanks and regards,


  • SvenSven
    hmm this doesn't seem related to GSA Captcha Breaker at all?
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