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proxies setting

Software ip proxies settings is a problem?
IP list does not display any information
please help me. Thank you

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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2018
    Hey, again... :)

    The screenshot you provided seems to show the proxy extraction process still underway.

    It had not yet finished, but then again, you have it on auto-find every 10 minutes, so there is no "finished", technically. lol However, this particular (timed) run still seems like it's not done yet??

    After the proxy utility in SER iterates thru all the sources you have checked (on the OTHER screen in this module), SER sits for a bit, if the number of sources is very large, assembling the list.

    But again, I wonder how that applies to the auto-find feature. Does SER go thru the entire list every time, at the set time interval, adding any new proxies found? Or is each timeit's run, limited to only one source per run, or a limited time to stay on??

    Finally, the total number of proxies the SER proxy utility finds ends up in the Checked or Unchecked box.  However, that's for when you use the tool manually.

    On Auto, I would guess they end up in the same place. They can't go anywhere else. haha

    (After running this....They seem to land in the Unchecked (red) slot, and thenn SER places them above in the Checked (green) slot as they are determined to be good.)

    Also, I wonder if, because you are testing for Googel Search, and not just proxies that are anon (not leaking your IP, yet not OK for search on G), you may be going thru proxy lists that have NO proxies that are OK for use to search G, but yet are still anonymous and OK for other uses, and so will not end up on your OK list after testing.

    If this is a deliberate search for proxies for search engine searches, then that setting makes sense, else it's too narrow a search for other uses and you'll exclude lots of good proxies.

    Trying to test this myself right now to see....

    (After running this....yeah, you have to wait...the process keeps going after the screen you shared...)
  • Most of the IP provided by the IP proxy list cannot be used.

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Maybe they're blocked in your country?? I hope someone else can jump in with a better set of answers!
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