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I'm new to GSA (1 day) but I have some experience with autosubmitters. I am testing posting in forums.

I have a list of scraped forums (scrapebox), which I am not sure I managed to add correctly into GSA SER, but it doesn't matter right now.

GSA SER made some accounts (100+) on various forums. Forum posting consists of three actions:

1. creating accounts
2. verifying accounts
3. posting threads

So far, it seems it created some accounts. I stopped the project, set status "Active - verify emails only", started the project again and I got this:
22:58:47: [ ] Verifying links...
22:58:47: [ ] Checking E-Mail for links (107 verifications waiting)...
22:58:49: [ ] Parsing 6 E-Mails...
22:58:49: [ ] Parsing of done by 100%
22:58:55: [-] Verification (round 1) of phpBB not successful->removed -
22:58:55: [-] Verification (round 1) of FluxBB not successful->removed - [Registration]
22:58:55: [-] Verification (round 1) of XenForo not successful->removed - [Registration]
22:58:55: [ ] E-Mail Verification finished.
22:58:55: [ ] Verifying finished (107 checks done)

Question: is there any other way of verifying emails? When does GSA SER start verifying emails by itself? And what is that log even mean? :)

Moving on to step 3 - posting threads
I've checked all the right boxes, filled all the right fields.

Question: when does it start to post on forums? Say I have a list of 1k forums, I stopped the project after 100 registration, verified the emails (kind of, because I don't really get it from the log) and now I want to post in that 100 forums. How?

And, most important, where's the output list? Where do I check manually the created profiles and the threads posted?

Thank you very much!


  • SvenSven
    1) Emails get verified automatically. No need for you to switch the status. Thats only for debugging purpose.

    The log you showed simply gave emails that don't seem to match any of the submitted tasks.
    The "->remove" lines simply show that no email for this submission arrived for a longer time and so SER tries to removes them now.

    2) It starts to post to forums once the account is verified (email arrivied with password or link to verify). Then it logs in, creates profile and if enabled, also posts a new forum thread.

    That thread is only posted if you have enabled the link type "Forum-Post" which is unchecked by default.


    The links created are always visible when you right click on the project->show urls->verified urls. The list on the right in the main GUI lists also the latest verified urls from all projects but once you restart the program, they are cleared.
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  • OK, thank you, it makes more sense now.

    Forum-post type of backlink is checked.

    1) The list in Options>Verified URL (the txt file) has a lot of forum urls in this format:

    with u=blank, so I cannot see the forum profile id. Why is that and what should I understand from that?

    However, on the same txt file I did find some profiles it created and it even posted on some forums.

    Moving on, another unclear section:

    2) So far, there is no url on the right in the main GUI (window).

    The project->show urls->verified urls shows me a bunch of urls that have nothing to do with forums:

    it must have found them when I was scraping and posting on the web, before I switched to my own list. Or not? They are not forum urls and I set it up only for forums.

    Combining 1) and 2), where is the actual output for forum posting?

  • SvenSven
    1) Thats probably the wrong thing you are describing here. An empty u= field might not show any profile link and so the URL should not appear in the verified list but more in the submitted list, if at all

    2) Thats indeed no forum link but should belong to the Indexer category.
  • 1) true, submitted list. I've deleted all txt to start over with a new project with fewer forums, just to understand how it works. It does fail a lot, but forum submission is harder. Can it make only profiles? Do I have to uncheck "forum post" and then it will make only profiles?

    2. Got it. Thanks.
  • SvenSven
    profiles are build whenever you have that link type checked (on by default). I don't know what types of forum links you collected, some forum engines are better than others.
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    can you please tell me which forums engines are better? I used phpbb in the test.
  • SvenSven
    @KawaiiChan might be able to give you details better than I.
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