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Important messages ???

2018-11-21 00:59: Miof POP3 Login failed - -ERR [AUTH] Authentication failed.

How do you fix it?

This is the first time


  • SvenSven
    hard to say, probably you need to login manually on the web and check there.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    I means gsa ser could not login to the mail account, this could be because of a connection issue, such as when you are using proxies or it could be there is a network issue at the mail server or your ip is banned at the mail server.

    what to do:
    Open the project, go to mail tab and test all, if some fail, then test the ones that failed again.
    if all fail then contact me with your IP address, i will tell you if there is a server issue or a firewall issue.
    This week there was 2 network events at our Dallas data centre, first was on Monday 19th and the 2nd one was for about 2 hours on 22 Nov.

    best is just test the email 2 - 3 times, if continuously fail contact me
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