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Is GSA Search Engine Ranker suitable for the French market?

Hello everyone.
I have a French shopping website. Is GSA Search Engine Ranker suitable for the French market?
What should I do? I hope everyone can give me advice.
Thank you


  • SvenSven
    I have answered this already by email, so either you don't believe me or you need details on the setup.

    For later I can not give you the blue print as each site needs different settings really for the best results. However, we have a lot tutorials here:
  • thank you.

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "Is GSA Search Engine Ranker suitable for the French market?"

    Hey Sdfw Sdf! :)

    No one is going to set you straight with pure FACT about SER than Sven: Not only is he the author of the program, but he's honest and does his research. And, his support for his software is second to NONE. Nooooooo exaggeration.

    So, Sadefiw:

    I'm not going to provide you with any better info than Sven--it's just not possible.

    But GSA's Search Engine Ranker can be used worldwide with ANY language, for MANY, MANY purposes. This I already know.  It is beyond versatile.

    Even just discussing this inspires me to re-examine my projects and really do some more specific and detailed work on them. Projects can always be refined, with experience.Work with GSA is on a continuum from easy set-and-forget to really getting specific for specific results.

    More time and effort for the latter, yes, but well worth it. :):p;)
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