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XEvil in GSA? How To

There is no reaction .

Going crazy I'm too tough.

Please help me
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  • Use another emulator, and by the way it seem to me that its working fine
  • It usually dont show much feed ther
  • use rucaptcha emulator! it working better
  • Update your xevil...
  • use antigate old api with ip, this works. if port 80 is not working use in Xevil click +host
  • antigate old API with IP is not working for me.  In GSA it keeps saying that V2 captcha solving is not supported.. And xevil support is no help.  Anyone got a solution?
  • I stay on gsa ser 13.09 - this version works with XEvil with any API with IP. But today and yesterday I tested 13.20 and 13.21, and they both don't work with XEvil (not sends captchas). But in Settings/Captcha when I click "Test" button with "Test Captcha"->"Internal" test is passed well.
  • SvenSven
    edited January 2019
    That "Internal" test is using the same functions as when a project is running.
    I was able to reproduce this issue. The 13.22 is fixing things.
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