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Best sitting for article's ?

Hi ,

first what is best sitting for output article's ?

i am using 2-3 links per article and 1-2 authority link per article !

its ok ?


  • Make it 1-2 
    Per article and u r just fine

    and let it add some images and videos time to time

    make it look as much irregular as possible with as less spammy as possibl
  • How i can use my own authority links in article's ?
  • U dont have an authority links, otherwise u would be here ,, authority should be +90 DR
    just let gsa ser do it best as it been created 
  • yes , i know . i want scrape authority links in other language and use them in my article's . for now GSA using my Rivals in article's .
  • @Sven will help u out
  • waiting for @Sven :D , and i cant export all article's in one text file with spin and with html ! and all title's in one text file with spin . please add this ability .
  • i need to export all article's in one file with spin and with html ! please add  this ability .
  • SvenSven
    wouldn't the export named "Text (UltraSpun, with html)" do what you want?

    It will create one big file with all articles in it (txt extension though).
  • yes, Text (UltraSpun, with html) export spun and with html but it dont work UFT-8 !
    i need Text (UltraSpun, with html) in type of UFT-8 :(

  • SvenSven
    You mean UTF8 ... well thats encoded in utf8 by default!? Why do you think it's not as such? Can you send me the export file that is not as expected then?
  • i will send you backup file , another question is can i make flicker BLOCK to dont get image's from it ?

  • SvenSven
    just uncheck it on the scraper list.
  • thankssssssssss
  • what is this code on article's ?

    .</p><p><img style="clear:both; float:left; padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px; max-width: 390px;" class='wp-post-image' />

    i dont want gsa insert this code in article's , what i should do ?

  • SvenSven
    it makes sure that the image itself is not misplaced.
  • can i remove this ?
  • SvenSven
    sure, but then your article will look ugly as images are placed wrong on the text flow.
    Not not get that all, you have to disable image placement completely
  • how i can insert my own Authority links in article's ?
  • Thanks Sven, email is send for you about Text (UltraSpun, with html) , problem is i cant export multiple article's as Text (UltraSpun, with html) . exported file is with bad characters . please check your email and backup file .
  • SvenSven
    got your email but can check it on Monday earliest so please wait till then.
  • how we can set keyword density in article's . for example in article  input we set keyword density  between 0.5 % to x % , this is possible ?
  • SvenSven
    Thats hardly possible as it would generate articles with bad read flow. You can however export on that metric/filter.
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