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Removing duplicate urls after merge projects

After a long stop, I'm reactivating my old good SER :) and I'm merging many different projects about the same websites.
After merge them (probably I merged more than one time the same projects), I have now duplicate urls inside the projects, and I see that there is not the option to remove duplicate urls inside a project.

The only working way is to copy to the clipboard all the urls (right mouse proj> show urls > verified), then delete them and then import again them from clipboard. In this way the duplicate urls are deleted.

Is it possible to include something like "remove duplicate urls"?


PS: I've found a similar feature (right click > import target urls > remove duplicate urls) but it doesn't work for this type of duplicate urls)


  • SvenSven
    I guess the URLs are not that much duplicate at all then...are they with different anchor text or alike?
  • No, the anchor and other details are igual (most of them), maybe someone can change a little. Anyway I think the only field where to check duplicate datas should be the field "URL", ignoring all the remainings. What do you think?

    Another problem (I hope I can explain it enough...  :) )
    When I merge 2 projects, where Project1 has URL:websiteA and Project2 has URL:websiteA+websiteB, and later in the merged project I leave only URL:websiteA, when I verify all the links inside that merged project, the links that are pointing to websiteB are not deleted. It's like there is some cache or similar issue and the verification process still see the deleted websiteB as a destination.

    Is there a way to clean this cache? I tried with right click> modify project > Delete target url cache and also Delete target Url history, but nothing.

    Anyway, I've found a manual way to solve these 2 problems together with only 1 move:

    Right click on a project > Show URLs > Verified > right click > select > all > right click > copy url > right click > delete selected > right click > Import verified urls > from Clipboard.

    In this way ALL the duplicate urls are deleted, and also are deleted ALL the urls pointing to any other website that is not on the URL of the project.

    Just wonder now if there is a simpler way when I will merge other projects.

    Thanks for your attention :)

  • SvenSven
    fixed in next update
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