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How to know license details of current working GSA SER?

I'm moving VPS and the one with the license will expire in 3 days.

I do have access to the working GSA SER tool but I have no idea what the serial key is nor email I used to purchase it. I am 100% sure I have purchase it though since I still have the keys to captcha breaker, indexer and other tools.

I think I purchased using an old email that is now deactivated though. How do I get the license info on the current tool so that I can easily plug that in my new VPS?

I've tried HELP -> ABOUT and HELP -> CHANGE LICENSE but doesn't show anything. The name under the license appears though, just not the serial key.


  • SvenSven
    of course it will not show you the license key. It is not stored in memory and of course also not displayed for security reasons.

    If you need your license again, send an email to GSA and request it. If you are sure that the email is no longer accessible, then please prove that you are the same person by either sending postal address details used on the order or a scanned id card.
  • I have no idea what email is used though, I know what name is on the license though. I'll try asking in support for this.
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