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i loaded up 100 new urls to new target and got "already parsed".

I ran 10k links to site 1 on project 1 and got 100 established good quality links.
I then took these 100 and put them into project 2 to site 2
But i get the message"already parsed"
Why did GSA fail to get them set up?
I am using 10 rotating proxies.

her are my settings


  • SvenSven
    if its a new project, then it is not getting these messages due to project is probably due to the fact that the urls share the same domain.
  • ok. Is there some way i can force GSA to process these links in project 2 ?
  • Do i need to use fresh new emails?
  • SvenSven
    new emails are required for engines that will create yes, it is usually a good idea having new email accounts.
    you can import verified urls from other projects as targets into other projects.
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