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Pligg problems

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i am testing Pligg platform, i have exported a list of accounts and i am trying to re-post to these accounts.I am getting this error with some sites when trying to log in:

22:16:24: [-] 1/1 unknown field "search" was used in form.

I am able to log in manually and post without any problem...Tried to add "set unknown variable=2" in login step in pligg.ini but it was not working...



  • SvenSven
    send a sample log or at least an URL (+account) in pm
  • I have found another small problem with pligg + export/import account data. It seems that after export of accounts, some sites are exported in this format:

    URL / login= /password= / validation_id=

    Is this necessary? I think validation_id is not needed after first login, so with imported accounts, the engine should go directly to URL/login.php (probably to [LOGIN_STEP2] in pligg.ini if i understand it correctly).

    Problem is that some sites (have no idea why) are exported WITHOUT validation_id= and i am getting this error when trying to login:

    10:30:42: [-] 32/50 login failed (oops, what you're looking for isn't here!) -


    10:30:30: [-] 06/50 login failed (oops, what you're looking for isn't here!) -

  • Hi Sven,

    i know you are probably overloaded as hell, but could you pls tell me if you have added these Pligg bugs i have found to your to-do list? I have sent you an example of the first bug via PM.

    The same is for this Blogtronix bug i found long time ago and its not fixed as well -

    People are loosing lots of links because of these bugs and i think that creating as many links as possible is the main goal of GSA SER :)

    thansk a lot
  • SvenSven
    edited March 2013

    @traged "people loosing links", please stop pushing me! It's fixed when it's fixed.

    fixed though in the upcoming version

  • Many thanks Svan!

    I didnt want to push you or to be rude...just ment it as small reminder :)

    I am sure you have lots of other work to keep GSA SER the best SEO tool ever made!
  • Hi Sven,

    i realized the "unknown field" problem occurs even with normal registration on Pligg sites - i am getting quite a lot error messages saying:

    14:02:14: [+] 120/301 new URL -
    14:02:14: [-] 120/301 unknown field "search" was used in form.


    14:01:44: [+] 061/301 new URL -
    14:01:44: [-] 061/301 unknown field "persistent" was used in form.

    Please make GSA to ignore such fields whenever possible :)

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