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todays submitted nd verified do not show up when yo run a verified check

Hi Sven
Trying to understand how GSA work with blogs.
I submitted and got 15 blog urls verified today 30th
But when i ran a verified check, it shows 0 for 30th and non of my blog posts show up on target sites.
Would you expect 2/3 days before my blog comments appear on sites and get verified?


  • SvenSven
    if your link is verified and then after removed, it is unlikely that it will re-appear unless it was a temporary server/proxy issue.
  • Ok. And when i visit the actual blog, i don't see my comment placed on the site. does this take a few days to appear on the target site?
  • SvenSven
    depends...if that blog is moderated then the submitted link is unlikely be verified unless you have an original comment or it is related to that topic.
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