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GSA Ser will automatically Send 2Captcha to GSA CB instead of to

Hello GSA team,

I am running GSA Ser to create blog web2.0 by Serengines addon and Tie2 to build contextual links for T1. 

And I noticed If I turned on the GSA CB function "Run as Webserver", the GSA Ser would send 2Captcha to GSA CB instead of to so that I got many ERROR: ERROR CAPTCHA UNSOLVABL. 

But I need GSA CB to "Run as Webserver" cause I am using Gscraper to  build Tie3 comment backlinks. 

Although I unselect the 2captacha option in Simulation captcha services list, GSA Ser still send the 2Captcha to GSA CB.

Do you think if any solution to this problem?


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