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text captcha solver API

hey there Sven,

i keep getting an error: unable to solve for Text Captcha Solver‘s API

Their support has texted & it solves OK

is there any setting that i need to consider?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Oh, make sure you have disabled the simulation of this service within Captcha Breaker.


  • ClintNClintN Australia
    Or I think that I need to 100% uninstall GSA SER so that no config data is on Windows Server
  • ClintNClintN Australia
    Interesting, I still got the error message for textcaptchasolver, but I selected the checkbox directly below (textcaptchadecoder) and added the textcaptchasolverAPI in there and it tested successfully
  • ClintNClintN Australia
    Oh that was all it was, thx m8
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