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GSA CB not connect with GSA SER (New VPS Windows server 2012)

airsinduairsindu Indonesia
edited October 2018 in GSA Captcha Breaker
help me..
iam install GSA to the new VPS, windows server 2012.
and unknown error

Best Answer

  • matzedoonmatzedoon germany
    Accepted Answer
    is that your video? what are you trying to achieve on that server when it took 1 minute and 12 seconds to open up GSA SER?

    even if you get it to work, i would set it on 4 threads in GSA SER with that rig.

    AND now, back to your question.
    close CB and GSA SER.

    Right click on CB and run as administrator, otherwise it won't work, i noticed it didn't even ask you to run it as admin, so yeah, it wont work.

    Thats your problem, bye.

    P.S. I don't know how much you paid for that server, but damn son.. 1 minute to open up GSA. If I recently bought that rig i would already start crying knowing i will rip 3 threads max before crashing that entire datacenter
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