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PR Emulator and

edited October 2018 in GSA PR Emulator
What is about GSA PR cache, where this is stored, special settings are necessary. I have checked about 200000 urls, but my impression is when I put together the numbers of subbmited urls my addr checks every time again. As a test, I have several hours to run the urls from the verified folder I got a day before with my addr new. I am wrong in the assumption?

It is a question of vbm for me and cost per month, if the PR cache stores this correctly, the query is not made with PR emulator every time. And the Vbm can goes higher, processing speed by my is 35 request per 1 minute.

I run SeoRank_Min(TrustFlow10,CitationFlow10)


  • SvenSven
    pr is only cached to a certain amount of URLs.
  • i have the same problem, that API is very slow. most of the time i get a result "--" without informations. LPM goes down.

    Now i make manually bulk upload to
    this takes many times. is there an other way to works faster with seo-rank API?

  • SvenSven
    I don't think there is any faster way with this service.
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