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GSA made my link on adult site


Today I run GSA indexer and set up to pr 3 links for my URLs. They made 2 link only and both links are on adult site. Kindly let me know why this is happen?


  • SvenSven
    what adult sites? You might use other filters like link type that will result in less sites.
  • Where I can find other filters (link type)?

    Here is the setting I apply.

  • SvenSven
    edited October 2018
    The deep link filter is also taking a lot sites off the selection.
    Sorry, the link type was only for GSA URL Redirector PRO.
  • RizRiz
    edited October 2018
    How adult site will be controlled in GSA SEO Indexer so back-link can not be made  
  • SvenSven
    again, you have to give me the urls to remove them for next update.

    Adult sites should not be in the database.
  • RizRiz
    edited October 2018
    here is the list
  • SvenSven
    Update will be out in some minutes
  • Thank you Sven
  • Update will be out in some minutes

    Who does that? like name one person... after all these years, still with such dedication. Unbelievable
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