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Proxy Integration


I've seen the recent changelog and noticed:

Quick Questions:
2.99 - new: added IP for validation API
1) What is this? Any docs or info on it?
- new: better proxy support (e.g. for GSA Proxy Scraper)
2) Where do we enter in GSA Proxy Scraper proxies?
3) What type of GSA Proxies can be used? Is there a setting we can use there to filter ones we can use for Email Verifier?

I get a ton of Unsure because my VPS IP is flagged so trying to understand what proxies can be used.



  • SvenSven
    1) the validation-api is a 3rd party service where you can buy credits and checking is done over there server. Go to options->advanced for more.
    2) proxies are now better checked. that update notice is kind of old and I am really missing what I have added/improved there in detail
    3) any proxy except pure WEB proxies are working (CONNECT, SOCKS4, SOCKS5).
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    1) Thanks! That was a secret find. :-) I was going to ask for that as custom quote request. I've been busy testing it out.
    2) Ah ok. I thought you've put a way to have it grab proxies from a file so we can connect it to GSA Proxy Scraper. Was looking for that link like you have in your other programs where you can set the file to grab proxies from & the update frequency. 
    3) Awesome. 
    4) I want to use that validator API. When does it use the validator and when does it use the GSA Email Verification? I.e. can you send all valids or just unsures to the API? (I don't want to send bad ones there) if I load a list of 500k emails. 
  • SvenSven
    4) It uses that API only if required...if all previous tests don't give a valid/not valid and the test would give you an "unsure" it is using that API....also using that API and caches replies for whole domains.

    Anyway the API is only used when really needed to save you money.
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