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Captchas not showing or solving since 3.80

Hi Guys,

Thought I should post here. We updated to 3.80 and prior to this, GSA CB was solving like a fine tuned machine. Its very possible we screwed something up, but really needing to get this sorted out. We are using G-Indexer and have heaps of indexing to catch up on.

Prior to the update, we were using the following in our host files: (we had the IP Address of where GSA CB is running obviously)

We also had: (because we needed to also use 2captcha for recaptcha solving - using the IP that GSA CB runs on)

The moment we upgraded, the captchas stopped flowing through to GSA CB. I thought maybe we might have to put in a new captcha emulation or something - I honestly have no idea what to do here.

I have emailed you details too Sven with access to our VPS. Just posting here in case someone else has had the same issue and can help me solve quickly.

Cheers - D


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