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My program doesn't verify links.

Hi, I've bought GSA SER and CB, I've watched a lot of tutorials on settings, I've recently bought a list from serverifiedlists and before that I was using one found on a forum. Maybe I don't add them properly but with that list which had 2 milion links my program made only a maximum of 19 000 in a few weeks. And now with this new links is even worse, it submits websites but doesn't verify them.

 I have a good vps, 8 cores, 16 gb ram, I have private proxies, I am doing everything as I've seen other people do and have results, I really don't know what's the problem and what should I do, I'm really desperate. 


  • shaunshaun
    If you are getting 19,000 verified then I doubt its the tool, sounds like the list. I have never used serverifiedlists but there are a ton of low-quality lists out there with flashy sales graphics that are useless.

    The best list I have used is the auto sync from Loopline and I JVed with him so people can get a discount on it via this link. Even then though due to the nature of how SER works, a ton of sites will not work within a short period of time so it is better to filter your lists and run the filtered version.

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