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CB does not use etc/hosts file with

My configuration is:
1st server running CB
2nd server running other captcha solver as 2captcha emulation
hosts file is used to redirect all 2captcha queries to IP of 2nd server

With new CB, it seems CB is baypassing hosts and sending query directly to the  IP of 2captcha service. Not to my 2nd server.
Other software i have on 1st server is correctly using captcha on 2nd server - hosts file work.


  • SvenSven
    Thats correct. However, you can try adding your own captcha service as follow:

    1. locate 2captcha.ini file
    2. copy it to "2captcha API with IP.ini"
    3. edit it with notepad and exchange with %host%
    4. add a new section at the end and restart CB...then you can add your other server directly
    hint=Enter the IP:Port for the service

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