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When having set a submit limit and pause, why not search new links?

Hi @Sven   when you set a limit in settings (example 50 submission, then pause 30 minutes). 
Why not search in those 30 minutes for new links? I noticed there was 0% cpu usage and only 120Mb/ram when it was on verify (P) status. 

so I assumed the entire process is idle? not 100% sure though, but if it is, I think it would be interesting if in that break it could verify links, or even more interesting is search new sites.


  • Just noticed it was verifying. that's good, but now the 24 minutes on pause could be used on searching new sites and I think it is not doing anything right now right ?
  • just to clear things up to everyone else who might read this thread here... 

    it's late.. 4:50 in the morning
    I need sleep..
    I just noticed that I am flashing a part of my domain..
    And no, i am not ashamed of myself, as my platform is an e-commerce website selling pork for the BBQ. specific aged pork (adultpork)

  • SvenSven
    next update will do your search on pause.
  • You are the best  :)
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