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Best Way To Get Tier 1 Links using GSA Ser


Since Page Rank is not used anymore is there a way you can use GSA Ser to get tier 1 links.

I have in options links no more than 30 on a page but this might not be strict enough.

What would be a good setting for tier 1.

Thank you for any answer on this.


  • shaunshaun
    I don't have my notes from my test anymore but I tried it with manual capture solvers and a bunch of other non-cost effective things. You can get a few with good stats but they are usually on moderated domains so if you use auto-generated content they just get deleted.

    In my experience, the domains on auto accept lists get rolled back or go offline too often to be of any real use. Maybe look to the SERE v2 plugin if you want a stable set of links then use SER for non-contextuls to index them but its been over a year since I tried anything like this and its probably even harder to index these days.
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