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Removed emails from SEREngines

I was created 1 week ago project to SEREngines added 500x emails. But Yesterday i i checked 499x emails was deleted only 1 stay  in emails :/ I dont know what is happend :/


  • SvenSven
    You added 500 email accounts to one project? Thats really not a good idea unless you use an option to create 500 accounts per site. However email accounts can't be simply removed!?
  • I dont know what happend :/
  • Cześć Gabriel, do you by any chance have problems with disk space? I had a similar problem once, and it turned out GSA simply couldn't write to disk.
  • gabriel88rgabriel88r Poland
    edited October 2018
    No i have many free gb on hdd :/ Only emails from serengines projects was removed.
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