about captchas and scraping google (making lots of backlinks)

what can happen if i make too much backlinks, will captcha ban me (i heard is a service from google, and also that gsa scrapes google)
whats the worst that can happen if you create lots of backlinks?


  • am also looking for answers
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    G. will give you a captcha when you do too many queries on the search engine in a short time.
  • I see that you are from Mexico. Lucky for me, all i needed to do is call my internet company at home and told them that this happened and I didn't knew what the heck was happening? (it's called acting) and they gave me a new modem with a new home ip-adres.

    (after that I always bought proxies, this was a long time ago with bad proxies that passed somehow my true ip-address, if you get listed on any of the spamhaus lists of blacklists you are f*cked... Prepare for captcha's at google, any site with decent cloudflare protection, etc etc...)
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