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Looking for recommendation


I'm currently own GSA SER

I'm looking for backlinks indexer that is really working...

Is GSA SEO Indexer still working? I'm thinking to purchase but I search all over the forum but cannot find any useful recommendation.. is it dead?



  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "Is GSA SEO Indexer still working? it dead?" -keong118

    Hey...I know for certain it's not dead, b/c I have a license and use the program, and GSA still updates it regularly!

    As for how well it works, you'll have to inquire with another user. I just "run&done" it. Precise metrics of indexed URLs data is not anything I have.
  • As with all SEO things it may works in your niche/language or may not.

    If you try to index spun English content within the dog training niche you will probably fail with it hard. But if you try the same in Bahasa Melayu you may very well succeed. The less content Google has in a given language it's easier to spam it.

    You will get no definite answer because there is none. You have to buy the things, test and measure them to know what works and what not.

    It sucks but you have to waste much more money than SEO indexer in the process to find your way of doing things.
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