installed gsa on new vps & it has installed only new gsa

i have installed gsa search engine ranker & gsa captcha breaker on a new vps running windows server 2012 r2

the gsa & captcha breaker had multiple projects on them that i was running on my pc

i copied the gsa & captcha breaker folders on to the vps

c drive/ program files (86) /GSA Captcha Breaker

i then registered both software on the new vps with name & serial number.

but when i open them they are brand new versions with no projects in them (left hand project window is empty)

what am i doing wrong ?


  • SvenSven
    the config and project files are located on c:\users\<login>\appdata\roaming\<program>
  • Hello Sven,

    thanks for that,
    the folders were hidden on the vps, so i found instructions on how to make the folders viewable so i could copy into them here

    there were a load of errors when i unzzipped the zip file of GSA - i have sent you a copy of the errors in your pm inbox & was wondering if you could take a look, gsa & gsa captcha breaker are working but the error messages said there were files missing from gsa.

    thanks again

  • SvenSven
    just reviewed the "errors": ignore them as they are not important. Just your saved captcha images in a too long file name.
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