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How to setup CB on a LAN

edited March 2013 in Need Help
Dear Forum-Member,

i tried to figure out: How to use CB (installed on 1 PC) over LAN from a second PC.

CB is installed on Computer
Run as Webserver is activated (Listen on Port 80)
Simulate Decpatcher, Bypass is ticked.

On the same machine it working!

i want to use it from my second PC (until now i have C-Sniper installed) over the LAN
i looked in the hostfile and took the decaptcher domain from C-Sniper and fill in all the IPs from the Captcha Breaker PC:

I checked this with Ultimate Demon and SERobot and ArticleMarkeitngRobot

but i get no connection to my Captchabreaker PC.

Then i tried with InternetExplorer to open the CB webserversite gsa_test.gsa but i get no connection

PLEASE, could some one explain how to do this.

Thanks, Thnaks, Thanks


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