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Is Seo indexer working today?

How to understand that seo indexer works? My backlinks haven't been in the index for quite some time. I don't see any effect. Ping links have not worked for a long time, google has closed access to ping links. Explain how to index your backlinks now? Who uses what? Thanks.


  • SvenSven
    with PING you mean what in detail?
  • I mean, it's not working anymore. The ping method is already outdated and today is perceived by search engines worse. What do you ask for $ 20 if this indexing method is essentially "dead". I want to know how GSASER users index their backlinks today?
  • Last time I've checked SEO indexer had a 10% index rate on google with English spun articles. You may have better or worst results depending on the language, niche, search engine you are using.

    Most of the people are using indexer services to index SER backlinks or you can set up SER indexing projects to index your backlinks.
  • "SEO indexer had a 10% index"
    it's not working today. my backlinks do not get into the index, even if they are sent several times in seo indexer. 
  • Then you have to find a different indexing method or different article spinner.

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