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New Captcha System - need your help

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For the new system Im coding right now, I would need some test accounts from the following services:
The new captcha service module will be part of every GSA tool that handles captchas (SER, Website Contact, Web Submitter...). It will also enable Captcha Breaker to simulate any of the services.

As I have now made scripts out of the hard coded systems, I would need to test that before replacing the old system. As you might expect, I have no account on these systems (or forgotten them once they gave me a test one). I would of course just need like 10 captcha solves to verify everything is working as expected.

Send them to me in private message
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    • SvenSven
      The new captcha system is used in latest updates for Captcha Breaker at least. It will soon move to other products and hopefully improve future development.

      Any problems with other apps (just as with JDownloader on latest update) should get reported here please. I also got reports from people with SENuke and CB issues. I hope the issues got fixed with latest updates as well.
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