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GSA Captcha Breaker & Captcha Snipper - Which is Next?


I am currently using GSA Own Captcha Breaker Software + Captcha Snipper 5.17 as 2nd Option

Also, I Have ( API ) 

I Wanted to Know More Softwares Like GSA Captcha Breaker & Captcha Snipper.

Please Send me List of Similar Softwares Which I can Integrate with GSA SER.

Don't Send me Web Services Like 2Captcha ( all they eating money quick )

Preferred Softwares Like GSA & Snipper.

Please Reply with List of Those Software Names.


  • SvenSven
    do your research please ;)
  • Used both (paid). GSA is far better, stable and customizable, and the support is far superior.

    Had a lot of issues with CS, and sometimes I don't even remember that I have GSA, because of its stability.
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