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Standalone Resource Checker

I have some tier1 links I painfully made by hand and I use GSA to build links to those pages. The pinging tool in GSA would be perfect as a standalone backlink checker that could run locally or on a VPS.

I can't re-verify them because GSA didn't make the links. I can't find any software to do this from my local machine. There are a few services that that will ping servers to make sure they are up and running, but not to make sure my article is still live on Wordpress or LiveJournal.

My list of URLs GSA didn't make is now over 300, and its getting hard to verify those resources before building more links to them.

I'd like the pinging tool to be able to load a .xls, .csv or a text file that contains the backlinks to be checked so I can check each project separately to find deleted pages before spending weeks or months building links to deleted web pages.



  • SvenSven
    edited September 2018
    whats wrong with the re-verify option and import of the links as verified?
  • I guess the main reason would be that these are high value, high relevance, and in some cases they are bought backlinks that I would like to group and monitor by project but separate from the GSA generated links for a project that are usually far less valuable.

    You have already written the code, it just needs to be stitched together and compiled separately from GSA. Being able to have multiple projects in the GSA Pinger that load their own URL files and can be scheduled to run at user discretion.
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