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Which PC Configuration is Best For GSA - if Not Interested in VPS?

Which PC Configuration Gives More Power for GSA ?

What if I have i7 8700K with 16GB RAM + 256 SSD HDD Desktop in my home..

and What about Namecheap VPS Quasar Plan (

Which Will Work More Power ?

i7 PC with 16GB RAM or the other hand Namecheap VPS ?

I am really confused... please give me a proper solution for Fast GSA.

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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited September 2018
    Hey SibiPaul...I am no expert, just a (fairly new) user.  :)

    But I can tell you this: Your VPS is made just for GSA and your various other SEO tools to run on, tho I can't say exactly the specs on YOUR local Internet systemm, but the plan u are looking at for VPS is 3000 GB Bandwidth. I doubt your local system is that fast!

    If you get a PC, no matter the brand,  do think about a dedicated machine, not one you share with your other daily uses, or load up with junky antiviral or firewall software, as I have. :|:|:o:( least a dedicated SSD drive...u can use a physical switch to activate, and isolate/disable your usual boot drive filled with the usual (tho necessary for a work machine!) garbage. (ANYthing that gets in the way of GSA is garbage, when you're trying to go fastttttttttttt!!)

    (Tho as u grow, u WILL want your local machine on and running GSA more and more of the time, til you want it on just all the time to keep up with your various projects.)

    There are cool switches u can buy these days; I THOUGHT I bought this already and was awaiting arrival, but only have it in my cart. :D  It's a planned purchase. :) Fits right in the front of a machine and lets u choose the active drives....!

  • The Namecheap GPS is not optimized for BE A and does not have Winows OS.  3000 TH bandwith means how much transfer you have for the month, not the transfer speed.
  • Hate autocorrect!
  • So, Which VPS Hosting You recommend for GSA ?
  • " not optimized for BE A  "

    What does actually this Means ?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    "The Namecheap GPS is not optimized for BE A and does not have Winows OS."

    Can Win be installed then? And, like sibipaul, I also wonder what "BA A" is.

    "3000 TH bandwith means how much transfer you have for the month, not the transfer speed."

    Oh. lol Thanks, I (somehow) thought it was 3000 GBPS, even tho it is clear it's not that. :|

    Thanks, mick. I appreciate knowing what it really means! :) I have to start paying more attention again. :|:|:|:|:|

    Does anyone have any other ideas/experiences with running SER on a home/office Windows set-up? 

    The above response I added about switches and such is basically about all I can contribute at this point in my learning. I would also appreciate wisdom from someone more knowledgeable.

  • Sorry. I am posting from my kindle and autocorrect changed GSA to BE A and I did not catch it before submitting.  Same with TH.  Should have been BW. 
  • We for as which VPS as long as it has Windows (my preference is 2008 or 2012) and is described by provider as set up for SE O tools then it is a matter of comparing price AND reviews regarding their customer support. You will need support from time to time so don't go with price alone.
  • I am going to quit posting while I am visiting using kindle
  • I guess you are just starting out so stick with your home PC for at least for a month or two until you figure out SER. Set up a couple of projects and run them. Check your submitted and verified links and articles. Learn a bit about SER macros, anchor placement, article spinning and link structures then when you fell you really need a VPS go for one that has windows, 4GB ram and at least 40GB HDD
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  • I have done almost everything, what about... SER Macros 
  • Do you know what SER Macros are and how to use them to optimize your campaigns?
  • NO, Can you please help with macros ?
  • As I've mentioned you have to set up projects, execute them and check if the results are in line with your expectations. This will take time. Here is the macro guide:

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