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GSA SER Not Passing Captcha Images?


A few days ago (Sunday morning) I noticed GSA wasn't posting any links. I have a verified list and that isn't normal. Then I noticed that my Captcha Breaker hadn't had a single image sent to it all morning. I decided to let it run while I investigated.

There was nothing in my event log and this is only a 9 month old dedicated (2008 R2) server running from my home. The box was purchased for GSA and has been running smoothly since new.

I normally have new captcha images popping in to CB every 15-30 seconds (or faster). Now, it can run all day and not pull in a single image. Clicking "Test" confirms that CB and GSA can communicate.

I added no new software or updates before this happened. I reboot weekly. Lately about 3 times a day trying to figure this out. I removed and re-installed GSA today while renaming the "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming" folder to get a clean install and preserve old settings.

I have not reinstalled CB as I didn't want to lose any optimizations, but I will if needed. This just came out of the blue for no apparent reason... and plenty of HDD space.




  • SvenSven
    So you are not seeing any images in the CB log right? It might be your proxy setup where SER is not able to come to any image to download? Can you share some log lines (preferable though
  • Sven, you ROCK!

    I upgraded my proxies about 6 weeks ago and they got the billing screwed up and charged last months fees instead of this month... so the proxies got shutdown for insufficient payment.

    "Keep It Simple Stupid" is what I should have been thinking, but alas, I went for the hard stuff and was stuck.

    Thanks :)

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