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how to increase links per minute

jameslarkinjameslarkin london
edited September 2018 in Feature Requests
im looking to increase my links per minute 

i have increase the threads to 100
i have got a GSA verified links list that i paid for 

what else can i do to increase both the submission rate, and getting the links verified quicker ?


  • If you mean on these guys www . serverifiedlists . com, they suck change the vendor, i'm trying to unsubscribe from their list but they have different seller every month, not the fixed seller, hmmmm
  • Who are you finding is the better vendor for verified links ?
    i have found using them has increased my links per minutes i level out at 50 LPM whats the best you have managed to sustain in the past ?
  • shaunshaun
    There are a few things you are able to do.
    1. Use a better list. Out of all the lists I had tried over the years, the loopline auto sync was the best. That link is a JV too so you can save a little off list price and Loopline is a decent guy and takes feedback on board and improves his list.
    2. Filter your list. Even though you are paying for a premium list, there is 100% guarenteed to be dead targets in it. Keeping your list fresh keeps your LPM high.
    3. Increase your submission/verification limits on your projects. Chances are if you are getting 150LPM for a few hours then 20 LPM its due to submission limits.
    4. Increase the number of submissions SER can make per account it creates. Making accounts on these domains takes resources, removing that step speeds it up.
    5. Workout the quicker platforms. Non-contextual platforms can be very quick if you use them. Contextual platforms have a bunch of steps so it slows it down.
    6. Get a better VPS/Server. Hardware also has an effect on your LPM. SolidSEOVPS are the best I have ever used. I also have a 10% discount code for their VPS/Servers here.
    7. Use catchall emails. In my experience, they are much better and quicker than traditional emails. When they first became popular many people didn't like them including myself but in my experience, this was due to poor service providers. Since I found SEO Spartians I never looked back. Keep in mind that some platforms won't work with catch-alls though.
    There are a bunch of other little tweaked that you can do too but I havent used SER in over a year now so I can't remember them off the top of my head.
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