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Ideas on successful actions

edited September 2018 in GSA Website Contact
Hi Guys,

New to Website Contact Form and about to start out on my first couple of low scale projects. I wanted to pick your brains to get a head start. If anyone has answers, great! or any other tips would be helpful. I've imported a list of URLs so only using the check and send options.

- How many private proxies vs check and send option is best? I'm looking to get to about 1500 an hour (during work hours). How fast do they burn off? Any use in using public proxies?

- Whats the best lag to use between download and submission? I took @loopline advice from his youtube vid and tested how long it took me to manually fill in the contact form and came to about 90 secs per form. However this would mean only 40 forms filled out per hour per thread.

- How far can I push this before I start setting off spam and filter alarms?

- How many threads can I use per project?

- How strong does the cpu need to be on my VPS to handle 1500 per hour? (Probably a trial and error question but you dont ask...)

- I've done a test check of the URLs I've imported and most of the time the GSA app finds the contact form with ease. However I have a high percentage (about 35%) of the status reading "download failed (no content)". I've manually checked the URLs and can find no reason for the error message. The URL connects to a website and the contact forms are readily available. I can post a sample of the URLs here but not sure if id be breaking any rules if I did.

That's all I can think off now.



  • looplineloopline
    Don't use public proxies for sending, they can reveal your IP. 

    Even 10 private proxies is enough, that probably alots you 100 connections.  I do checking separate and use no proxies for checking urls and then use private proxies for sending. 

    24K a day is completely doable 1500 x 16 hours a day.  Depends on your machine, bandwidth, DNS etc.. but its probably doable just fine on 100 connections. 

    I use a 1 second lag time.  Just to avoid the immediate submit.  Sometimes I don't even use that.  Never split tested it though. 

    keep it to 60K a day or less for a given domain and you won't trip registrar filters, those are the big pains.  You really have to be doing over 100K or way over it, but 60K is a nice sweet spot for me. 

    as for hosting complaints, they can happen if you submit even 1 message, its all about the end domain, some just have automated systems that file complaints against the host if they think its spam.   I have a thread here i started where I started listing my complaints and complaints my clients receive. 

    Threads per project depends on your machine 3000 other things, so you will have to test this and see for yourself. 

    Again on VPS you can test the CPU, but a $30 vps should handle it I would think, maybe even cheaper. 

    Your download failed is probably due to your proxies or http timeout.  I set my http timeout to 120.  This is in your main global program options. 

    If your using public proxies thats why.  If your using private proxies for identifying make sure you are not exceeding the max simultaneous connections allowed by your proxy provider.  Typically its 10 but it varies and you can ask.  So if you have 10 proxies, thats 100 connections, if your running 120, 20 or more consistent connections are being denied or ignored and thus timeout. 
  • Thanks a million @loopline. Some super valuable info.
  • looplineloopline
    your welcome.  :)
  • Hi @Loopline , when you say public proxies might expose your ip..does that include exposing a vps ip? And if that is exposed , could that be a problem for one?
  • looplineloopline
    Yes it could expose a vps IP.   Its an issue if someone sees your vps IP and files a complaint against your VPS provider.  Then your provider could just shut down your vps.  not the end of the world, but if there is 1 thing I hate, its doing a bunch of work to get back to zero. 

    by that I mean its all working and then you have to spend a bunch of time setting it all up on a new vps with a new company.  Thats all wasted time just to get back to where you can start sending again.  I call it back to zero so you can start as your in the negative otherwise. 

    Anyway, another reason not to use public proxies is they can massively lower your success rate.  
  • Thanks for your detailed explanation...will be sticking with the private proxies
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