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Is there a place in GSA-SER to see ALL new targets acquired for open projects in Search Only Mode?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited September 2018 in Feature Requests
I know I asked HOW to find the new potential places to put a link in a previous thread, and found it's the TARGET list in each project.

But is there also one page where I can just get a running tally of how many new targets each project has found so far?

If not, this addition would make knowing how fruitful my Search Only runs have been at a glance. Whether on one page or if simply a (3534) number next to each project in project pane or where ever.

Of course, those targets are only POTENTIAL, and maybe that's why no one cares about viewing such (meaningless?) stats? ?

Or, is it b/c no one really uses SER to scrape in 'search only' mode for whatever reason(s)?   (Is it b/c if I scale up I would likely want to use scapebox for this, integrated WITH SER for posting, INSTEAD of SER's search only mode?)

Very curious to know what you guys think on this.


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hmm...thinking about it this day...and It seems a stats page could be VERY useful data, of course just a simple total of found targets for each project would be not crazily useful, but displaying them with all kinds of filters for engines, countries, etc. may be cool and more useful than a mere tally. Having this data as a separate page u can open within GSA-SER to would be a snap and virtually NO TIME  for Sven and GSA to make.

    But is this really useful? I think GSA only considers updates that make sense in terms of what use they have.
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