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[NEW FEATURE/QUESTION] Captcha V2 - efficient solving - saving $$$ on captcha with GSA

KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
edited August 2018 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I've noticed that using this kind of setup:

Really hurts your $$$ when letting GSA use search engines. I'm guessing that GSA sends queries to solve captcha for search engines over and over. Correct me if I am wrong here.

While this kind of setup works wonderfully for website posting with PREDEFINED site list, it absolutely demolishes your captcha balance for no reason when you let GSA find target sites. Majority of people do not need recaptcha solved to get results from search engines, it's just not worth the money. You really shouldn't solve V2 captcha to get results from SEs either way.

Is there an option/a way to NOT waste $$$ on Recaptcha (just skip?) when GSA is trying to look up sites via search engines?

I DO NOT WANT TO SKIP HARD CAPTCHAS as a LOT of potentially good websites will be excluded from posting, losing valuable links. :-(

Right now I have to do the following every time I want save $$$ when posting with GSA:

> get quality site list 

> import site list to GSA project 
> turn off all search engines
> enable Recaptcha V2 solving
> Wait for GSA to post on predefined list
> Disable Recaptcha2 solving
> Enable search engines in GSA projects

> Let GSA look & post low/mid quality targets without recaptcha support

Can we have an option to skip ''all captchas'' but only for search engines?

At this point this is the only reason (in my honest opinion) why majority of people think GSA is 2nd/3rd tier link software.

I have been using GSA for 1st tier posting for quite some time, it's really good if you know what you are doing. If GSAs captcha handling & search engine interaction gets an upgrade that would be really awesome.

Let me know if I'm missing something or if I did not explain myself properly.


  • SvenSven
    SER does not send captcha request due to search engine simply skips it then.
  • Weird.

    If that is the case - is there a way for me to find out what exactly is causing high captcha use?

    From what I've experienced, when using GSA search engines my captcha usage goes through the roof, yet when pasting a list of URLs without search engines selected - everything is fine.

    Is there a way to help me find out where exactly my captchas go?

    I'd like to nail down this issue as my bills can easily go over 20$ USD per 24 hours if SER is left to find targets via search engines.

    I don't have this happening when pasting my own lists (bigger) than what SER finds in one night. I only get a bill for a few dollars in that scenario. Numbers just don't make any sense when I leave search engines enabled. 
  • SvenSven
    it can not come from search engines thats for sure. you might want to look at the log of the captcha provider...they sometimes list the captchas.
  • Found the logs, thank you Sven.

    I'll look into it some more, the numbers are just too weird.
  • Made a clean project, tweaked settings a bit from default.

    So far everything works just fine... my current suspicion is that "Retry to submit to previously failed sites=3" was causing high captcha use.

    I'll try to reproduce high captchas use with my other projects and report my findings here.
  • KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
    edited September 2018
    Small update:

    For whatever reason these sites keep on popping up in my captcha costs, even tho I no longer use "Retry to submit ot previously failed sites" there are 9+ additional requests to solve their captcha after it was already solved. I am not sure whether there an issue with your software or it's them using preventive measures to counter act spam or I am just insane.  :'(

    Please try to post on these sites yourself and see what happens (im using 2captcha):

    Weirdly enough I keep on getting charged for these sites even though I do not have an account there or the option to keep trying to register.

    As a temp fix I added those sites to BAD URL/DOMAIN.
  • Eh, it's starting to look like Google was responsible for making me solve the same captchas over and over.

    You can go ahead and delete this thread or edit the original post. No bugs in your software, Google is just being extra hard on bad guys who want their captcha solved.
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