I have several products from GSA I am using with satisfaction. I was also interested in Captcha Breaker but my results are very disappointing.

Captcha breaker itself gives a 70% success rate. But when I looked at the images I see that in 95% of the cases it is wrong, and often very wrong. 

It doesn't even come close in most cases.  In the most optimistic case I will get 5%. It will be hard to justify the cost and get the money from the purchase back this way.  Are these results typical of what I can expect ?   Or something wrong with my settings ?  I liked the idea of this software very much. 


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    " Are these results typical of what I can expect ?"

    NO. Positively not. I'm actually amazed at some of the captchas solved.

    Dunno why u are getting this? ?

    My savings from GSA- Captcha Breaker adds up consistently day after day.  Many thanks for this program, which has saved me LOTS of money on services.

    In fact, the ONLY thing I miss is that when the program gets updated (quite a bit) with new definitions and software improvements, I lose the running tally of $$ saved.  :(

    It is quite a bit, tho, either way. This WILL way for itself. Go ahead and test competitors' wares and find out which you like best. That's what I did and I found CB is by far the best one I tried.

    However, depending upon what engines u use for each particular SER (or oter) run, and what targets u pick, you could conceivably choose CAPTCHAs GSA-CB hasn't yet learned, or could be G ReCaP V2.
  • You see my screenprint above, 22ta, and CB recognizes it as 122159.

    I very much want this to work. I am using form poster now, and fed it with 5 million website addresses and will see what I get in the end. But till now it doesn't look good.

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    with what engines do you use it for? Also note that "success rate" is actually not correct. CB can not know if the answer is correct...it just counts answered captchas as recognized.
  • What is engine ?  I use GSA form poster, and configured Captcha Breaker for solving captcha's.

    I guess that from the captcha's that are sent to Captcha Breaker by Form Poster about 2-3 % get solved correctly.

    It says recognized about 60%. But when I look myself at the results it is very seldom correct. The screenshot above is typical. I really have to scroll a lot to find captcha's that are solved correctly.

    I am using the standard settings, didn't change much.

    I would love to get it to work. 

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    form poster = GSA Website Contact ?
  • Yes, sorry ;-)  GSA Website Contact. 
  • They are installed on a dedicated server from hetzner. I can easily give you the RDP login...  I use a list of all domains in the world, so it should be an average of what you can expect.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    You might be right about that since all the captchas you have here are probably not added and a wrong type is used to analyze and solve it.
    I haven't added many contact-form specific captchas lately but concentrated on SEO related captchas.
    Thats something I can change of course. But then again, I would need the URLs of captchas that are widely used. If you can provide that, we can quickly improve the success rate (not just solve rate).
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