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SOCK Errors on Too Many SER Threads

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
Good morning, GSA friends! :)

I have noticed that if I over-run my SER on my (bloated) system at near-system process capacity, I get some SOCK errors and a way worse Submitted:Verified ratio.

And, if I lower the threads, I seem to not get this, but rather a far higher percentage (on the order of a great magnitude) of VERIFIED LINKS!!

I see I'm just running my system silly; tons and tons of connections, CATPCHAs, proxies tied up...and it *seems* I am losing out b/c I am right against my system's ceiling.

I know I have to raise ceiling or lower threads.

Is this an observation anyone else has made?

(I know I can limit threads on memory usage high or CPU %age of SER exceeded.)
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