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I just keep getting my dedicated proxies banned from Google

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Hello guys, 

I finally managed to get very decent 100+ LPM, however after about 1 hour.. my proxies just get banned or flagged, I don't know, from Google. 

I'm using 10 dedicated proxy hub proxies, and 10 semi dedicated buyproxies.

I set: wait 60 seconds wait between searches.. 
I'm using proxies for everything but I've unchecked the "Use proxies for PR checking". 
I'm checking competitors backlinks, using global lists of submitted and verified sites.  and checked "try to use keywords to find targets". 
I'm using 6-7 google search engines in my projects, and I've about 5-6 projects running at once. 

It starts very cool, then I start getting 000/000 results from S.E. scraping. 
Do I have to check the option to disable bad proxies or not?

What can I do, this proxy thing is really hindering the power of SER efforts.



  • Not sure what you mean by banned? But mine were flagged by google and if I tried to use them google threw up captchas to block it. What it was I am 90% sure is the setting in GSA. I had it set to Options>Skip hard to solve captchas(or should I say did not have it checked) So when recaptchas failed at to high a rate and from the same IP bingo... google knows you are a bot and shuts you down.

    Just to be sure I have unchecked all google SE's and I really do not care about that anyway. Just use lots of other good SE's
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Are all your projects running the same google engines or different ones on each project?

    If you use google international, that should divert you to the google for the country of your proxie

    Hit with an Spanish proxy and you get google es, hit with a UK one and get google UK

    Then choose random countries googles

    That way your not constantly flooding the same googles with request and getting your proxies flagged for automated link checking

    Most people use UK, US type googles because they think the results will be country specific etc

    Hence a lot of others sharing the same proxies will choose the same google engines

    Thats a fantasy

  • @Lee - Do you use any other engines besides google?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    One word, no

    Its the only engine I use

    A lot of engines are clones of the main engines, so you get the same results with a different logo

    Yahoo and Bing are owned by the same people

    There are a few independents out there still

    Yandex is one of the main search engines in Russia

    Baidu is China

    In an ideal world, I would just use one engine to save pulling repeat results

  • @LeeG - That makes sense... Thanks!
  • edited March 2013
    I guess you have to vpn in hiding Ip address. it is very reliable and safe while browsing the web.
  • @ LeeG and prodak...In regard to what you've mentioned above do you think it would then make more sense for us to have the option with SER for it to randomly select a different country's google each time it searches and only conduct the search one time instead of repeating it on multiple google sites?  @ Sven ...what would your thoughts be on adding this as an option? We could then use all google sites and not have to worry about hitting any one of them too often.
  • When I changed from 50 private proxies to 100, my problems with my IP's getting flagged went away.
  • @radikal I think that having a random goolge option would be great :)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    The idea of a random Google engine would be great! +1

    @sven - would this be possible?
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