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Anyone ranking for competitive keywords with GSA suite of SEO software?

Been testing GSA-SER out for a few years now.  Took me 2-3 years to really figure it out.  So far it's not ranking me page 1 for competitive or even medium competitive keywords.  (Anything local or with 3 words is not a competitive term.)  It's not even ranking page 1 for:  city name real estate.  I'm on top of page 2 for city name real estate by combining it with all of my SEO tools like Ranker X, Scrapebox, etc. (I have most of them.)

People need to be more straightforward when describing software because GSA-SER is just a very complex website submitter.  It take a list that it finds or that you give it and submits your sites to it with different accompanying content and in different ways.  That's it!!!  Nothing else.  If your list sucks you won't get anything.  So GSA-SER usage soon becomes about finding sites where the page you can submit to is a high TF.

Most people don't know squat about SEO.  Simple posting to a site where the main domain is high TF or hig PR or high DA isn't going to get you ANYTHING.  To get something you need the PA or TF of the exact page where you post to be high.  Google ranking is a top down process.  If one of the big dogs doesn't give you a link on their home page or a link from a link from a link (and so on) that's on the home page of one of the big dogs then you won't rank for anything worth while.  It's as simple as that.  In 2018 it's better to have 1 PR6 (TF6) links than a million PR1(TF0 or TF1) links.

So does anyone have a best use guide or tips to ranking for competitive and mid-competitive keywords using GSA-SER (or really anyway that doesn't require buying links.)


  • Using lists purchased from GSASER is a very bad idea.... GSASER allows us to make the same manual links but automatically, ready, if you do not know how to position a website manually, you will not do it automatically.

  • me to, i am using gsa tool, rank keyword so good
  • Oscar, I need to automate it without buying links or normal SEO because I have thousands of websites to rank.  I already rank #1 for my keywords.
  • I'm not making any sense, sorry (Spanish ;), I mean, make your own lists in GSASER. :)
  • Actually, the list really matters on the success-failure of the campaigns. There are other factors as well, such as the emails used for registration, captcha solving, proxies, indexing, etc, which is part and bundle of the campaign.

    Having a tiered link structure, and the ability to churn out massive links in a short period of time via T2, T3, T4, would also be the key ingredients.

    Then there's also 301 redirect strategy, as T1V2, which also flows the link juice back to your site in the process.

    Yes, if GSA SER can churn out a lot of contextual links successfully on a lot of unique domains, it can increase your success ratio in the process.
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  • LightProxies, I've not found that works anymore.  At least for highly or medium competitive keywords.  The new algorithm divides by the number of links.  So the more links a site gets the lower it ranks. 
  • Well as I mentioned it would depend on your strategy as a whole - of course, if you spam everything on T1 only, you will definitely get into trouble.

    You will need a good list, preferably scan it using PR emulator for TF, and keep the ones that have good TF - so a good list should have that.

    You must vet your verified list very carefully, tiering the useless ones will also get you into trouble.

    So the key point is that having a better list of links for your T1 (vetting vetting vetting) and then tiering it further to ensure that they get indexed, sticks longer, etc would be a bonus to your site.

    If you can have a mixture of good expired web2.0 that has good TF, and acceptable moz score, then of course, tier those further with T2, 3, believe me - they will add value in the process.

    Tiering helps get those links stick longer in indexed status, gets the new content recognize by the search engine faster, and helps the link juice/metrics flow better to your site in the process.
  • High TF contextual link with low spam scores works great, you might need to develop your own custom engine and scrape site lists..
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  • thegsaguythegsaguy I sell GSA Lists
    Use the GSA links on tier 2 and 3. 
  • Uhm yes, I know how... You can hire me, or a different SEO agency in your region. And they will set you up with an estimation you cant afford because ranking on hig term keyword takes time and effort which 90% on here are not willing or able to pay, nor do they want to put the effort in it themselves. Isnt that why were all here? Buying tools to "save time" but all you do is "waste time", ranking jack shit with tools that creating jack shit links. 

    Google has AI by now if you didnt noticed it yet, so talking about how awesome links you got from high TF, PA and DA links is like telling me how awesome your Nokia 3310 is.

    If my site has 50,000 visitors per day and I got a DA of 80. And I place a contextual link on my post with your target keyword. Would that get you to the top. 

    What do you think?

    Now you got 40 of those links.

    Are you on top position with 40 of those links?

    Now let me tell you how I would decide if you earned the top position for that contextual "keyword/search term" link.

    I would track the visitors.. 

    If theres a high % of clicks on that link, i would higher up the value. 

    Than i would track the bounce rate, time on the page / site, % clicking through to other pages, did they comment on the topic, performed any other actions on site, shared the post / product on social media. 

    Basically i would take in account the entire google analytics statistics before I would consider giving you a higher position.

    Whats google analytics? Well, some people outgrew the Nokia3310 and noticed that some things are far more important than blasting irrelevant links to shit pages that generate 0 traffic. 

    Build links that generate traction. Oh and one more thing, the post that directed the user to that other post where the user had a good time on site and other positive shit data from analytics... I would increase his position as well for delivering value by directing people to the right place.

    So now we have 2 sites, gaining from eachother. Where are you seo tool guys in this picture.  I just deminished ALL OF YOUR SPAM TOOL efforts in one algo.

    Now im just a simple guy running an SEO agency in the Netherlands who thinks outside the box. 

    So imagine what google really have in place as their search algo.

    You think any dork knows exactly what they got in place?
  • You can't rank forget competitive but even medium with just GSA tools is impossible.
    SER is great for low tiered link, anchor diversification, citation and such.
    If you need to rank keywords you need tier1 links. And tier1 links are, in today's SEO high authority sites, which you need to buy links from.
    Tier1 links are NOT web2 sites, Tier1 links are NOT PBN sites.
    Again they are sites that already ranking for bunch of keywords.
    Lots of people drop tools like SER and mostly SEO game.
    Cause you just cant create web2.0 sites and bomb them with SER and expect ranking today.
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