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Optimum settings

Not sure what my best settings should be. I have two systems going, one doing socks and the other web and connect. I am looking for Google passed proxies for both systems. Both systems initially show a really nice number of Google passed initially, but after a day or so they are basically down to no Google proxies. I know I've got something set up wrong because if I launch on a new machine they come back. Somehow my settings are killing my scrape. Direction on the right settings would be incredibly appreciated.



  • SvenSven
    well show us your settings so I can tell what might be the issue.
  • Well for provider, I, of course, have all checked. plus these settings beneath 

    These are my search settings, Anon, Google Search, added Majestic and Scrapebox because I saw somebody in here with it.

    And here is my filters, this one of course if socks4

  • SvenSven
    looks all ok, though I would uncheck any filters and filter things only on export.
  • Thank you.
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