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Does Churn And Burn Still Works?

I have an expired Domain DA 35, PA 45 ,, i use it as money site. And i Plan to buy fresh SER List and Blast it on this powerful expired domain for churn and Burn. But still Churn and Burn Works in 2018? If it ranks how long will it survive? Will it survive for atleast 3 months?


  • Please anyone can reply
  • I would not pay attention to DA and PA, but to the IPs in that domain and their quality. Put it online and create your PBN to give strength to your MoneySites.
  • I am using Fresh SER List. Will it work for chrun and Burn with GSA?
  • The best thing you can do is try your own techniques, SERENGINES, Rankerx + GSASER, can be a lot of fun. ;) 

  • I have only GSA SER. But these sites are churn and burn sites. Rank for 3-4 months and than get penalised.. So will it work?
  • The problem is that google indexes those links for you.... you just have to try it yourself, but I'm already warning you that it's a waste of time.
  • It still works, but you will need so many components to make this work.

    One thing that you can do to test that domain's strength is to publish a good article on that site, then use GSA SER to link blast or use an instant link indexing solution - if it ranks immediately for your keyword, then you'll know for sure that the domain is promising or not.
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