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I scraped a lot of sites then put them in the platform identifier... now what?

I scraped a lot of sites then put them in the platform identifier... now what?

How do I get these into the GSA-SER?  Last time I tried GSA-SER didn't import near as many as the platform identifier had actually listed as identified (only like 5% of the total were ingested into GSA-SER.)

So, how does this work?


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    Create a project, select identified engines and then import the list... Right button on the project-> Import target URL-> and choose by file, or clipboard, etc....

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    There's a bit at the end of this article that I published that touches on GSA PI.
  • I figured it out.  I just really grasped the concept of GSA seo software suite.  It's not very intuitive.  Somebody should just really say what the software does.

    There's no magic to it.

    1.  GSA-SER it submits your site to a list of other websites, but requires you to find the list yourself in 2018 (it will search for lists of sites too but not very well)

    2.  platform identifier it parses through a list of sites that you scraped using scrapebox and if the site is one of the included types of websites (wordpress, mediawiki, etc.) then it will include it in the final list after the parsing is done, you can also run it with PR emulator to try to guess the PR of each URL (must have PR emulator running at the same time as platform identifier)

    3. indexer  submits your sites to various indexing sites

    4.  redirect pro - submits your sites to redirect sites

    5. captcha breaker (self explanatory)

    6. auto website submitter - tries to submit to thousands of directories around the world but only succeed in about 100-200.  didnt help my ranking yet

    That's about it.  There are all kinds of switches and interfaces so it takes a while to learn.  But the basic concept is that it's a website submitter is kind of masked in a bunch of technology mumbo jumbo language.  It just submits to sites that are in a list!  The secret to good use of it is to have good lists, so it becomes more about finding good sites to post to, and to parse your list for high TF links only.  Would be better to make a parser that would find 10 of TF50 (PR5) sites rather than 1 million of TF0 (PR0).

    Right now I'm experimenting with finding high PR (high TF) URLs and drip posting to them to boost articles in newspapers for ORM.  So far it's hit and miss.  Buying PBN links or high TF guest posts (or making your own[hard work]) still works better in 2018.

    Am I wrong?  Is any actually ranking competitive terms (local terms are not competitive) using GSA-SER suite?  I've combined it with ranker x, with fcs, with pingbomb, money robot, pretty much with everything you can buy and it works for brand ranking in google and low competition and local, but low comp and local is so easy i don't need software for that, neither does any real SEO professional.  So am I wrong?  Anyone ranking for competitive keywords with GSA suite of SEO software?
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